The Harvest Wooden Gift Box (45Pcs Of Belgian Chocolate Thins)

Experience the taste of fine Belgian chocolates, wrapped in a beautifully-crafted wooden box with classic Van Gogh art. After finishing the chocolates, the interior can be used long-term as a jewellery box, making it an environmentally responsible gift as well as an artistic one. Features three of Van Gogh Senses’ signature chocolate flavours to suit any occasion.

Our chocolatier has over 100 years of chocolate-making experience, and is one of very few premium Belgian producers still making chocolate in line with the oldest traditions.

1853 – Melk Chocolade
1853: the birth of Van Gogh led to a life of artistic creations that would forever change history. Consists of 38% coco. Sweet and creamy creation to delight all chocolate lovers.

1880 – Pure Chocolade
1880: Van Gogh decided to become an artist, with a decisive passion that would define the style and quality of his work. Consists of 70% coco.

1888 - Extra Donkere Chocolade
1888: Van Gogh’s style blossomed into the colourful and expressive style we know today, as seen in his most recognizable masterpieces. Indulge in the essence of cocoa bean with this intense, rich dark chocolate. Consists of 88% coco.

Country of Origin: Belgium
Serving size: 45 pieces
Net weight: 225g

Notes: Must be kept in a dry and cold place, with a temperature between 15 and 18°C and a relative humidity at max. 60%. Keep away from odours, light or warmth.

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