Van Gogh Sunflowers Porcelain Teapot

Sunflowers (Licensing from Van Gogh Museum of Amsterdam) 

The bright yellow of sun shines, as hard as the land 
The petals curve in a stubborn way before they dry out 
Strong, and always face the fun 

Sunflowers are the eternal fineness on Van Gogh’s canvas 
Spraying passionate love, saluting the brilliant life as the sun 

This Inspiring work comes from Van Gogh’s painting “Sunflowers” completed in 1889. In order to welcome his good friend Gauguin’s visit, Van Gogh decorated the room with bright sunflowers to express their unique friendship. He then created a series of artwork based on sunflowers, showing every stage of their life from blossom to wilt. The sunflowers in this painting depict a passionate love for a great friend.